Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First sewing project

I've all but finished my first sewing project. A cut and sew apron from Walmart that I was glad to have. Naturally, I butchered it. I would have cried, a lot, had I butchered my pretty cupcake fabric.

This "pattern" wasn't too beginner friendly. I had no idea how to finish edges with a zigzag, or at all. I also have no serger. I can tell you now that I hate the zigzag. I found a youtube video that explained it, but my edges look like crap. Eventually, I found Burda style, linked off to the left, and it gave me idea's about finishing edges. I was so happy when I saw that I didn't have to finish the edges of the things that were going to be sewn together before I did so! I could sew them together, and then zigzag down the middle of the allowance..and cut to the zigzag! Or follow one of the other seam methods. Still, I'm not sure how to finish edges that are going to show. Like the edge of the apron and the sides.

 The sides are zigzagged, then folded over and stitched. They look BAD.

This is my first attempt.

My second attempt, which I still don't like.

On the bottom, I tried something different. I straight stitched the whole thing along about the midpoint of what I was supposed to fold over. After, I folded it over the rest of the way and repeated. My line looks much prettier, but I don't know if that will suffice for the edges.

We'll see if it starts to fray beyond that line.  The front looks much nicer along the ruffles than it does anywhere else though!

It also simply said to attach the ties to the neck. I can only assume this is what it meant to do? My last problem was actually attaching the ruffles to the skirt of the apron. The "flounce" wasn't long enough to reach from end to end, and I couldn't properly match them  up since one is convex and one is concave. Only after, did I find a tutorial on Burda Style, though it is still a bit confusing.   There is supposed to be a gold line between the ruffle and the blue, but my lack of sewing skills made it disappear in some places. In the end, my project is presentable. I can wear it. I want to do better, but for my first sewing project I am happy.

My next project will be from an actual pattern. I will make my apron from the cupcake fabric. The pattern is a See and Sew from Butterick I will be doing the B version! These are the fabrics I picked:

This is the rickrack. It's rainbow and fades into all of the colors.

This is the button I chose.

I am excited to start it. Before I do, I need to start the apron's that have been requested. They will be the same as the one in my first post, but in purple and black! I'm not sure what color to make the bottom of the cupcake, since the frosting will be purple. I also need to finish a hat I started as a gift, and some beer coozies that are also gifts. They can all be done at any time, luckily, so I am not feeling cramped or rushed. I can plod along while still having time for studying! Naturally, studying will come first. I can't fail out of nursing school for  projects!

My sewing, I've decided, is going to start off with things for my room. Curtains, organizers, things that I can hide if I mess up, but still use! When I'm ready to work on something to show the world, I plan to buy the Starter Skirt pattern from Sew Chic. I love it. I tried to win it, but failed, Eventually I want to buy the Southern Belle pattern too. I found her on the Sew Retro blog that I've been stalking. I have a thing for retro dresses. The day I can put together one on my sewing machine, I will do a happy dance. Maybe I'll show you, and you can all laugh at me!

Anyway, ta-ta for now!


  1. LOVE the new apron! Can't wait to see the one made with the cupcake material.

  2. This is awesome for your first project!