Friday, January 7, 2011

A New Year, a New Blog!

Christmas has passed, along with New Year I could not think of a better time to start this blog. It has been sitting empty for months, and now I have a project to post! So, for my very first EccentriCute post, I give you "Cupcake Apron"!

I made this apron for my cousin Kat. Her husband bought her a Kitchen Aide for Christmas since she likes to bake. Deciding to use his theme, I bought her the book "Cake Pops" from Bakerella. (A blog/site full of cute food that I love to frequent.)I wanted to give her more than a book, which is hard when you're a broke Nursing student. Crochet is cheap when you use Caron One-Pound yarns. I love that stuff. It's still soft even though its cheap! I drool over their simply soft yarns. They are perfect for touching and my student wallet. Caron One Pound yarns were used for the apron. I'm rather proud of the apron, as it was only my third crochet project. I'm self taught, thanks to the internet and a dvd. Sugar 'n Cream has a free pattern for an apron, which is what I started using. I've learned I'm not someone who likes to stick to patterns, which is why mine looks nothing like their's, but it did show me how to start! I love my cupcake. I made it up off the top of my head. I know its not perfect, but I'm happy. I can only improve on it. Next time, I think I will add sprinkles to it with beads. The cherry is a magic loop. I wasn't sure how else to make it. I would love to learn to make more rounded items with crochet. I'd like to make another apron with a rounded bottom. I'm not a huge fan of squared off aprons. Any tips would be much appreciated. I know to decrease/increase to round, but it just isn't the way I want! Maybe its impossible, unless I want a completely round object.

Posting the pictures on FB actually made someone ask if they could buy one! How exciting! I would love to make and sell stuff on Etsy. I need to be faster at crochet and knitting though. I plan to sew as well.

I received a Brother sewing machine for Christmas. I'm excited. Sewing will be another thing I teach myself. Currently, I'm working on a cut and sew apron from Walmart. I'm glad I have this apron to practice on. Included with my sewing machine was a gift card to Joann's and many apron patterns. (Can you tell I have a thing for aprons?) I bought the most adorable cupcake fabric to make an apron with. I would have been devastated if I butchered it. I will use it next, once I'm confident I can be much more careful. I know it won't be perfect either, but I'd love to be able to wear it!

Tell me what you think!