Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Tea Party Ideas

Alright! I've been looking for more ideas for our tea party! Excited? You should be.  The first one has to do with the favors we plan to give out. My Mother loves to scrapbook, so she is always on sites with interesting ideas. She found these boxes on a site she frequents, and I'm in love with them. We plan to purchase the pdf so that we can make and give them out to our guests!
Teapot box:
Isn't that just adorable? The PDF is only 5 dollars. This is one of the ideas I like the most! I think making them will be a lot of fun! The link above will take  you to the site where you can buy it too.

Scones- What else is there to say about that? We have to have home made scones.

I found another blog. It is called Such Pretty Things. I fell in love with it, and she had some great ideas that she used on her own daughter's tea party. By far, my favorite is her sugar cubes. It was one of the first pictures I saved when looking for ideas. See!

How are those NOT pretty? They're perfect. I already have all the icing tips, so, I don't have to buy them. Great for budget minded students. You should really look at everything else she did for the tea party. She went all out. It is amazing. I also plan to use her tea bag favors idea to put into our tea pots! 

Her site really is awesome. And the ideas I'm finding on it are all affordable for us to do. Affordable is a big issue for us, so you'll see me talk about it a lot.

What ideas would you bring into an adult tea party?


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  1. It's all adorable! I cannot wait to see all the ideas you girls come up with!