Friday, January 14, 2011

Tea Party

I'm hosting a Tea Party in April. It will be for adults, and I'm excited. Years have passed since I've had a party, or been to one. Kim, my best friend, will be hosting with me! We've already started planning! One thing we have noticed while looking for ideas, a lot of tea parties are hosted for children. We are able to get a few good ideas from those sites, but every person coming is 20 and over. Yes, the party is going to be girly and frilly, but it can still be an "adult" party!

Would you like to see some of the ideas we've come up with/ found? To bad, I'm showing  you anyway.

1) Teacup "rob your neighbor". I realize rob your neighbor isn't very lady like. Maybe I can think of something better to call it. This is how the tea party will start off! Everyone gets a pretty, new tea cup and can use it for the party.

2) Yard games. I have simple  yard games that would not ruin our pretty clothes such as washers and other tossing games.

3) Most of the ideas we have so far are food related. The first one is cake pops. I'm thinking of doing the sheep from the Bakerella site (Link on the left). I have the book to follow. Wouldn't these be cute?
(Picture belongs to Bakerella. I saved it, then uploaded so I wouldn't use her site for hosting.)

4) Cameo Chocolates. I found these on the Country Living site, with directions. You can buy the mold on for $3.00. 

5) Honey Spoons. While searching for tea related candies, I found honey spoons. Those are a wonderful idea! I refuse to pay that much money though. I'm going to find my own way to make them and do it myself in the tea mold I also found on

We have some other ideas for sweets. I need good ideas for small finger foods. Many people are telling me Cucumber Sandwiches are gross, so I'd like to find something else. We don't plan on serving a MEAL. The party will be between lunch and dinner, and last for about 3 hours. I'm really excited for this party, I haven't hosted one in years. That one failed. I'll post more ideas as we come up with them!

Tell me what you think!

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